‘Florenzi was unlucky’

Alessandro Florenzi’s surgeon says the Roma players’s relapse was “unlucky”.
The Italian international was recuperating from cruciate ligament surgery, but re-injured his knee this week and went under the knife today.
“Florenzi was unlucky,” Pierpaolo Mariani told reporters outside Villa Stuart.

“I don’t pretend to have created Robocop after surgeries, I work on normal people. He could also have ruptured his other cruciate ligament, an operation doesn’t guarantee the knee will be stronger.
“A rushed recovery? Absolutely not, it was the same time for [Antonio] Rudiger, Mario Rui and [Elio] Capradossi, it’s the standard time.
“On February 1, Florenzi was in top condition, then he was re-injured.”Keep up to date with the latest news and action from Spain. Primera Division with Football Espana – from the team behind Football Italia… . . .